Build experiences and save lives with Choura temporary structures

What do you do when you need a spacious tent for an outdoor event or a transformable structure for a COVID-19 vaccination site? You call Choura. We offer tent rental services in Torrance, CA, and can set up infrastructure for whatever you’re planning. Medical testing centers, music festivals, red-carpet events, car shows, wedding venues – you name it.
At Choura, we’ve had a hand in putting together many testing and vaccination sites since COVID-19 shook the world. We’re committed to doing everything we can as an event company to help protect families nationwide. From hospital additions to drive-through testing centers, you’re safe in the knowledge Choura has the right tent for your needs.

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Learn how our CEO, Ryan Choura, and his team have continued to pivot and help businesses during COVID-19

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Event structures that have it all

What Type of Tents Do You Need?

It’s not just a few poles and a canopy. Our temporary building structures can be complete with floors, hard walls, windows, and everything in between to create full-fledged event venues. We install them for you, so you don’t have to. Looking for a custom tent for rent? We can put up any build based on your unique specs for:
  • all events, from corporate parties to vehicle exhibitions
  • any number of event attendees, participants, or guests
  • any site requirements and weather conditions
  • short-term and long-term events
There’s nothing to worry about when you have it set up with Choura. We can get materials and a temporary tent structure to your site, install it, ensure COVID-19 compliance, and dismantle it after your event is over. With Choura, you can pull off your event easier!

Frame Tents

Starting at 10′ wide, these tents are a great option for short term use. Frame tents are versatile, cost effective and can be used for weddings, outdoor patio coverings, food service, and other temporary coverings .  Although this style of tent is “free-standing” by design, it still must be anchored to resist wind forces. All styles of frame tents have no poles that come to the ground in the interior space of the tent.

Pole Tents

These tents are also known as tension tents and are held together by tension that is applied to the perimeter of the tent. This style of tent is supported by single or multiple poles that run along the inside of the tent.


Tenting structures are known for having no interior poles or beams. They come in multiple profiles and do not require any outside guying. Giving them a very clean profile. Some popular style tenting structures are A-Frame, Mid Beam, Mini Beam, Arcum and A-Fame.


Arcum structures offer you a unique sleek look that is a modification of the popular A-Frame structure. The structure of the Arcum has a beautiful curved roof line.

Custom Tents

As the name entails, custom tents allow you to customize them to suit your needs. Customizing a tent profile can help draw attention to your brand or event by providing a unique look to your build.

Additional Build Services

Why Should You Hire Us for Your Custom Outdoor Builds?


Because why would you want to be the same as the person next door? Our tent designs have something unique about them, which we’re proud of. Our creative builders guarantee that your build will suits your needs and get people talking.


With employees who have over 20 years of event experience, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Our team is packed with the needed know-how, so whenever the obstacle, we promise we have a solution.


With our inventory and expertise, we can create outdoor environments in numerous sizes and designs. Bringing your wildest imaginations to life. Let’s get started today!


We pride ourselves in quality. From custom tops to rentable items, our inventory is highly monitored for quality to ensure customer satisfaction. Whichever tents we install for you, the quality will always be of top priority.


Our team of highly skilled tent experts are dedicated to ensuring your tent is installed safely and professionally. After on site inspections they will be sure to red flag anything they see as a potential hiccup in the installation process.

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It all starts with a conversation. Call or email us for a free consultation on how we can help your business.